Through close consultation with customers as well as an intensive evaluation of their specific requirements, HOBEMA managed to win them over again and again with impressive, technologically innovative solutions during the development of the machines. The always cost-effective solutions were: HOBEMA had not only always concentrated on providing the highest quality construction and workmanship, but also on the flexible application of the machines.

Thanks to the fast change systems, it is no problem to individually adjust the machines for various tasks on short notice. They can be expanded with high-quality machine components or retrofitted later depending on the customers' needs and requirements. No matter how they decide, thanks to high-quality single servodrive systems, low-maintenance operation is generally guaranteed on a constant high-level of production.
  • Low wear and tear: optimal investment protection
  • Low-maintenance: minimize upkeep costs
  • Minimal down time and process interruptions: low operating costs
  • Long-term high production speed: increase in output per time unit
  • User-friendly: minimal period of skill adaptation training, reduced personnel requirements, high level of operative safety
  • Tailored to meet individual demands: customization of specialized production tasks
  • High quality and machine concept flexibility: high return on investment
  • Individual support for the overall life of the machine: optimal, rapid reaction to changing market conditions
  • Assurance for the future: later expansion with machine components
  • High quality end-product: maximize market opportunities
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