HOBEMA 101 Foil Pro

HOBEMA 101 Foil Pro
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The HOBEMA 101 Foil Pro is a high-performance sheeter, which has been especially optimised for processing problematical, delicate materials such as extremely fine metal and plastic foil. This sheeter is equipped with a specially developed collating cylinder system. It therefore enters the market with a clear technological edge.

The outstanding features of the Sheeter 101 Foil Pro, like all HOBEMA quality machines, are its modular configuration, robust construction of the machine components, the low-maintenance overall machine concept, and maintenance-free single servodrive systems. But its extremely high degree of cutting and register accuracy for printed materials is at least as impressive. It can be analysed by Remote Service at any time, have distance maintenance performed, and in addition can be equipped with embossing calender, reject gate, and printing unit.
  • high degree of cutting and register accuracy
  • constantly high production speed
  • specially developed collating cylinder system
  • low-maintenance
  • minimal changeover and down times

Technical Data:
  • Configuration: collating cylinder system
  • Material: extremely fine metal and plastic foils, printed and laminated papers
  • Material thickness: 9 - 500
  • Output/Speed: up to 300 cuts/min., max. 250 m/min.
  • Standard working width: 1.250 mm (other working widths on request)
  • Sheet length: 297 - 1.300 mm
  • Cutting accuracy: +/- 0,2 mm
  • Register cut-off: electronical angle adjustment with automatic cut-off length correction
  • Rectangularity: guaranteed for all cutting lengths
  • Max. knife load: 400 g/m
  • Drive system: maintenance-free single servodrives
  • Machine conception: modular configuration, low-maintenance overall machine concept


HOBEMA Milestones
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Options / Expansions
This machine can be expanded with high-quality machine components or retrofitted later depending on your needs and requirements.

  • Embossing calenders
  • blind embossing station
  • perforating station
  • reject gate
  • slitting device for edge trim
  • remote service

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